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Fabian Child's successor, BERNARDO ANGEL OCAMPO was delivered in Medellin

Fabian Child's successor, BERNARDO ANGEL OCAMPO was delivered in Medellin
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Berny was delivered in Medellin
The Risaralda Bernardo Angel Campo, top leader of the Cordillera band, is a member of a prestigious family from Pereira leaders in economic and political fields of the city.
In Medellín was delivered to the Prosecutor of Organized Crime in that city, Bernardo Angel Campo known by the alias of Berny, recognized as the principal leader of the criminal gang Cordillera.
This criminal group has an impact on some areas of the country like the coffee.
The man had an arrest warrant outstanding for crimes related to drug trafficking, conspiracy, money laundering and front men.

Berny was the replacement of Fabian Guzman Patino, alias Child Fabian, captured in March 2011 by the authorities and is therefore contained in the chart as the top leader of the organization after the capture of Guzman Patino, as was responsible for manage the finances of the criminal group.
Investigations against the subject were being conducted by the Criminal Investigation Police and Interpol, with the support of the Metropolitan Police Pereira, who followed the trail head for the capture Cordillera.
The drug dealer 40 years of age, operated in the departments of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda and Norte del Valle.
This Risaralda family living in the area of ​​Alamos in the Pearl of Otún, and supposedly the man belongs to a wealthy family of Pereira.
Apparently when they started catches the band members, hid and left to travel regularly to coffee belt. Alias ​​Berny, since childhood, was a friend of alias Macaco, because this was the most trusted man.
Apparently, delivering Berny authorities due to problems within the criminal organization.
Also met Angel Campo in 2006 threatened the manager of a media capital of Risaralda.

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